We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified badge magnets manufacturer, and we have our own advantages that we have more strong machining and collaborating capabilities in both magnetic material and mechanical manufacturing industries, and that is why we could produce not only magnetic products but also other products related to magnetic industry!
1, Why we are manufacturer of badge magnets & other magnetic products in China?
Ningbo is one of the most concentrated city of NdFeB magnets in China and it is also the most mature area for NdFeB magnets industry. There are many machined factories and plating factories here to co-operate with NdFeB magnets factories, which ensure us to provide marketable & competitive badge magnets, pot magnets, shuttering magnets, magnetic tools and other magnetic products. We also provide other permanent magnets for sure. We are a medium & small sized company and our company fully utilize our advantages in manufacturing and machining NdFeB magnets and magnetic assemblies and reasonably organize all resources and strictly select the most suitable co-factories, which all help us to ensure our stable & consistent quality and reduce our business cost. Producing NdFeB magnets & magnetic assemblies, especially OEM products is becoming one of our main strengths and characteristics in comparison to our competitors.

2, Why we also produce metal & plastic parts related to magnetic industry?
Customer who buy magnets usually need other relative products, and we are usually able to provide help. In our company, the facilities that produce magnetic assemblies are also used to produce machined parts relating to our industry. In another words, we have same production facilities, such CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC machining centers, plastic injection machines, metal stamping machines, grinding machines & drilling machines etc., so we  increase our working productivity of all equipment and expand our product line. Currently the other products that we produce mainly include motor shaft, motor housing, speaker T yoke, washer, iron and aluminum basket etc..


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