• CE Certified Permanent magnetic lifter (PML & JG Series) Model:PML &XPML series
    CE Certified permanent magnetic lifter for PML and JG series
    Model:PML-1 to LM-60/XPML-100 to XPML-6000
    **Strong holding force,special magnetic circuit design & almost zero remanence
    **Max. pull-off force is 3.5 times than the rated lifting
    **Switch handle with safty button, one hand operation, safe & convenient
    **Used in the lifting of steel handling, the formation mechanical parts and the installation of different toolings & handling
    **2.5 times & 3.0 times safety factor available


We are CE certified permanent magnetic lifter manufacturer. This lifting magnet is usually used to hold/release steel plate or iron block. It has strong magnetic path made by strong Neodymium magnets On and off handle is easy to use just by turning the handle without extra strength.

Applications: they are widely used as hoisting devices in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries. 

Pulling-Off Force Test: All magnetic lifters will be done the maximum pulling-off force test (as test picture below) to meet requested safety factor before shipment!

The standard 2.5 times, 3 times & 3.5 times safety factor for choose, which are widely used in Asia, Europe and American etc. 

*All series of PML and JG series of permanent magnetic lifter are passed CE assessment & with CE certificate attached for reference.

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